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The Cross Bench by Harrison Mayes

This sign was placed on a sidewalk downtown near the busiest corner between 19th and 20th Street, and Cumberland Avenue.
The size of the bench was 6 ft. long with the beam of the cross measuring 4 ft. wide. The seat part was 12″ wide and 18″ high. This bench is small compared to the tall concrete crosses, but weighs more. The bench has 2 1 /2″ recessed letters on the side of the bench that reads: “GET RIGHT WITH GOD.”

Also, this sign has recessed letters in the end of the head piece of the cross. These letters are: “P.A.E.” Those letters stand for “P,” Planetary; “A” Aviation; “E,” stands for Evangelist. Daddy Mayes used these often.

In the center of the cross was a 2″ metal pipe that served as an umbrella stand. On top of the pipe was a recycled (again!) bright red coca cola beveled sign.

At the base of the cross there is a one-inch red stripe. It is fading now, but if the cross bench was placed on pavement like a sidewalk, the red stripe could have been easily seen. The bench would seat four adults comfortably.

The bench has been permanently placed near a picnic shelter at the Ford’s Woods Recreational Park, Middlesboro, Ky.

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