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Harrison Mayes Roadside Cross (Metal) (unconfirmed, moved)

This metal cross by Harrison Mayes doesn’t exist at its original place anymore. It got moved to the local museum in 2015, after someone asked to purchase it.

John Paulding Historical Msm, 600 Fairground Dr, Paulding, OH 45879

Here is the whole story

If someone knows the correct coordinates, please let me know.

Along U.S. 127 and Paulding County Road 424 is a cross that simply states: “Get right with God.” Amid word that the beloved cross would be removed, the past few weeks have been filled with heated emotional debate. The cross was to be picked up by the American Sign Museum located in Cincinnati, whose founder Tod Swormstedt said the acquisition was supposed to be a birthday surprise from his girlfriend, Nancy Herbert. Herbert’s friend Cate O’Hara was heading up to Bryan with her daughter when she noticed the sign off the side of the road. O’Hara, knowing Swormstedt’s involvement with the American Sign Museum, contacted Herbert to inform her of the cross. The surprise was reportedly ruined when Swormstedt was notified of it after a local newspaper ran a historic account of the cross last week. However, Thursday morning, he received news that the sign was no longer available for pickup.

“Get Right With God.”

Over the years, how many people in northwest Ohio have seen the cross made of wood and corrugated steel in Paulding County with those words on it?

What started as one cross on what was U.S. 24 (now County Road 424) in Emerald Township near Vagabond Village, has grown into four crosses with that same message.

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