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All for Jesus Singers

The book The Persecuted Prophets by Karen W. Carden, Robert W. Pelton mentioned the existence of a music group called the All for Jesus Singers that went “on tour”. This is at least the second mention of a named music project out of the serpent handling community, beside Tommy and Lou Coots. Although only the Coots’ formally released music on record, back then (as far as I know), the All for Jesus Singers were more of a “jam band,” so to speak.

The following clips are taken from Thomas Burton’s short documentary “They Shall Take Up Serpents”((https://www.folkstreams.net/films/they-shall-take-up-serpents))”, which features Alfred and Eunice Ball and the legal disputes around handling venomous reptiles in Carson Springs, TN, that are also the subject of the aforementioned book.

Reverend Alfred Ball, of the Holiness Church of God in Jesus Name, Carson Springs, Tennessee, organized a travelling singing group called the All for Jesus Singers. His husky-voiced young wife, Sister Eunice, is the lead singer, who, along with Alfred, plays a straight guitar.

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