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Prepare to Meet God, Barn, LaFollette, TN (non-extant)

We have documented a lot of signs of various sizes and kinds. Many pictures are in our research materials. But the only large barn-size sign that we had actually seen was located in LaFollette, Tennessee. This particular sign no longer exists.

There is one barn sign that I am aware of, and it is located in and around Newport, Tn. The barn sign can be seen heading east on Highway 25-70, toward Del Rio, Tn. We hope to hear about more locations of these unusual, special bam signs.

The size of the letters used on the barn signs was 4’ high and 3 y2’ wide. The length of the large sign measures eighty feet. Quite large! The words of the barn sign were, “PREPARE TO MEET GOD.” The letters for the barn sign were cut from corrugated metal.

We are aware of the pattern and the materials Daddy Mayes used to make these great signs. One thing for sure, Daddy Mayes didn’t miss any way to make the signs that are always pointing in God’s direction. Isn’t it amazing, using an old weather-worn barn advertising God! I’m sure Daddy Mayes was thrilled when he would drive along the old state highways and see the many remarkable different kinds of signs.

Remember, he used wood, metal, aluminum, concrete, oil cloth and bottle ministry to tell about God.

Maybe someday we can know more about some of the barn signs and their location. That would be nice!

From the book “A Coal Miner’s Simple Message” by Catherine Mayes