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Henry Harrison Mayes Barn in Del Rio, TN

I saw the PREPARE TO MEET GOD barn for the first time on The Carpetbagger’s Flickr page and the only clue was Del Rio, TN a tiny town on a long winding road along a river.

Mayes created the sign in the 50 and added the same message later with wooden letters above the metal ones.

With Google’s Satellite maps I tried to narrow down the barn, but it was just not really successful, so I tried to find more picture and I ended up with a front shot of the barn and a black and white photo that showed a bit more of its surrounding, like a street sign, mailboxes.

That helped to narrow it down, and the vague description of the barn standing in a sharp curve.

(1) this is the barn and (2) is the town center.

This Facebook post was made 2020 and the barn is still intact, but Steve Tweed predicted in his post 2016 that the barn will be history soon.

Unfortunately, he was right, in 2021 on Google Streetview, the barn appeared to have been collapsed.