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Get Right With God – Happy Ending (Sign, Speedwell, TN)

Sign by Henry Harrison Mayes in near Old-Hwy 63, Speedwell, TN

Location: 36.52185783000347, -83.74941173203882

According to “A Coal Miner’s Simple Message” Book, a cross was relocated from Middlesborro to Speedwell, TN to Bill Hatfields property. I wasn’t able to find it via street view or satellite images, but I found a painted Mayes sign. Hatfield died in 2019.

Clyde, with the help of Jesse Chumley, moved their first concrete cross on January 31, 1998. The cross was
moved from Middlesboro to Speedwell, Tn, on Hwy. 63.
This cross was planted on the Bill Hatfield property.
Clyde received a foot injury when a chain slipped.
(Photo: Bill
Hatfield and Clyde)

Streetview Date 2016
Barn, nearby